Cederqvist Nordvall Vidar Photo from Sunbohammar - the old mill. Photo: Anders Johansson, Linköping Peter and Stina got seven children all together: Maja born 1804  –  died 6th of April 1818  Gustaf born 1810 Gustafva born 18th of February 1815  Anders born 1816 Anna Stina 1819-04-12.	 Jan Eric 1822-10-24  –  died 1824. Carl Fredrik 1824-11-10. Peter and Stina got a daughter named Gustafva Nyberg,  she is the girl who’s life we are going to follow. Ramsbergs church Stockholm - Old town 1900 This is a photo where Carl Axel  is born and later on his sibling Staffan Herman. The address is Tannefors 34 at  Storgatan . This is the place were Gustafva lived with their children between  1843-1845. This photo is taken 1904 almost 60 years later. Big Squaree 1890, Wednesday morning at 09.00 am. Lidboholms Sjösås Stävie Church University of Lund Fredrik Johan Cederschiöld was married to  Eleonora Fredrika Widegren. She was born 1778 and died  July 21st 1826 in Lund. She was 48 yers old when she died and her son Carl Staffan was only 15 years old. Kalmar Castle An  interesting part of Carl Staffans marriage is that he never moved together with her wife Johanna Amalia. She remained in Kalmar and Carl Staffan in Linköping. Orrtorpet could have looked like this. After  Carl Staffan got married, Gustava had to move from the nice apartment to a more simple one. She is now called a maid again in the parish register. Here new address was S:t Kors 63. Soldiers uniform: 1:sta  Livgrenadjär regement It must have been the sadest day in Carl Staffans best friends life when he had to write Carl Staffans obituary in the townpaper Östgöta Correspondenten 22:nd of July 1846 Söderköpings Brunnshotel Göta Canal in Söderköping Carl Staffans Cederschiölds obituary i n the townpaper Östgöta Correspondenten Wednesday July 22nd 1846 Stångebro Customs  1870, this is the place were Carl Staffans friends received his coffin. Cederschiölds coat of arms. Linköpings Cathedral, 1800 S:t Kors 15,  This is the neigbour house S:t Kors 13 where Gustafva gave birth to her first daughter Ida Axelina. This house is still to be seen at Old Linköping. This house was built in the 1700. Storgatan 68, towards south  St Korsgatan What happened next ......... ............ Hunnebergsgatan, to the right  Onkel Adams house 1898. The story continues about Gustafvas  two sons Carl Axel och Staffan Herman. Carl Axel Staffan Herman Carl Staffan Cederschiöld _Gustafva Nyberg Carl Axel Cederqvist Eng_Carl Staffan Cederschiöld o Gustafva Nyberg Eng_Carl Staffan Cederschiöld o Gustafva Nyberg Eng_Carl Axel cederqvist Staffan Herman Cederqvist Hjalmar " Jim" Cederqvist Syskonen Johansson Sonja (Johansson) Vidar Beda Cederqvist Regina Cederqvist Elin Cederqvist Cederqvist Nordvall Vidar Carl Staffan Cederschiöld Portrait missing Gustfava Nyberg Portrait missing Swedish croft from early 1800. Skvaltkvarn This is how the mill works Formal uniform - 1:sta Livgrenadjärsregement Linköpings newspaper July 22nd 1846 Townpaper Östgöta Correspondenten 29th of July 1846 Gustafvas first daughter Ida Axelina dies November 23:rd 1875, she was only 18 years old. She broke her spine. Eng_Cederqvist Nordvall Vidar Albert Cederqvist Signe Cederqvist Nanny Sjöberg Emil Nordvall Lars Magnus Nordvall Sally Sjöberg Henry Nordvall Vidar 1731-1851 John Vidar Elsa Eriksson Kontakt Efterlysning År 1510 - 1650 År 1650 - 1855 LarsNordvall.com  2017     Kontakt:  Susanne “Nordvall “ Perstad Email: susperstad@gmail.com